Angelica's Cleaning Glendora, CA

Dirty Oven
Dirty Oven and Dirty Racks
Glass Door Dirty
Oven Cleaned
Oven Racks Cleaned
Oven completely cleaned including door and outter edges.
 Commercial Kitchen Oven Cleaning - Before and After Photos - Click the photos below to see enlarged
Kitchen Cleaning including tile flooring
Kitchen Sink sanitized and scrubbed clean
Dusting Ceiling Fans and Removing Cobwebs
Heavy Duty Stoves
We clean stove racks and take apart greasy parts for cleaning.
We take special care to re-assemble the parts properly.
Kitchen Cleaning - Floors, Applicances, Counter Tops, Stoves, Ceiling Fans - Click the photos to see enlarged
Commercial Carpet  Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Stairs  - Click the photos to see enlarged
Stairs that experience heavy traffic have lots of spots.
I can see where the kids hold onto the stair rail and make the turn and leave a large dirty spot.
Trouble dirty spots can be removed.
Before and After Areas
Almost clean, still needs more work.
Before and After Areas,  coming clean.
Carpet  Cleaning - All Rooms  - Click the photos to see enlarged
Welcome to a dirty living room carpet.
From any angle its dirty.
Its starting to get cleaner.
We keep working from the wall to the center.
Now that heavy traffic area near the door, its a tough spot.
It comes out all clean, wow!
Also serving GlendoraSan Dimas,   La Verne, Claremont, and Covina
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Commercial Cleaning - Auditorium / Cafeteria Before  - Click the photos to see enlarged
This is a dirty auditorum / cafeteria floor.  It has years of wax build up and sealant that has been stained over the years.
This area is a eating area in the Cafeteria. . This area is food stained and has wax build up. You can start to see some blue floor where we have cleaned and stripped wax.
We start in small areas and clean scrub and remove wax build up. The blue area is where wwe have stripped the wax away.
This area is a heavy traffic area in front of the stage area. There are stairs that pull out.  We have cleaned under the stairs and in front of the stage where we removed the built up wax.  You can start to see the blue floor show up.
This is a heavy traffic area at the exit doors.  We strip the wax, clean the build up near the edges of the floor molding at the wall  by hand carefully.
This the floor completely stripped down to the sealant.  Some areas may still be stained, because some one sealed over dirt.  But you can see that we have cleared away all wax as far as we can.  It give a dull look, but now we will begin waxing.
Commercial Cleaning - Auditorium / Cafeteria After  - Click the photos to see enlarged
The Flooring is completly stripped of old wax down to the sealant.  It is now re-waxed.
The heavy traffic food area is now cleaned and shinny after being rewaxed.
The Auditorium / Cafeteria is clean, strubbed, stripped and rewaxed.
The Auditorium / Cafeteria floor is completey cleaned, rewaxed 6 times.
The floor leading toward the exits, is now clean and the wall molding is cleaned. No more wax build -up.
The area in front of the stage area is now clean. The floor was stripped, cleaned and rewaxed.
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Before and After Photos of Carpet Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Floor Waxing

Commercial Garage Cleaning and Organizing - Dirty Garage Before
We can organize this messy garage.
Have shelves that need cleaning and organizing?
More dust in the Garage, and need organizing.
Cans of paint and Items that need to be put away.
Your work chair needs cleaning.
The sink is stained and need cleaning.
More Organized and lots more room to fit the car in the garage.
Products in the appromrate shelves.
Organized items in baskets and shelves. Sink cleaning too.
More items put away into shelves or cabinets.
Floor cleaning and debri removal.
Items put away into baskets and shelves.
Commercial Cleaner Garage and Now More Organized -  After Cleaning
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